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Karmadillo Email Marketing

Why email is the duct tape of business tools.

Email is 20 times more cost effective than traditional mail. It's an immediate and interactive way to communicate with your clients.

Permission based email marketing is the best way to communicate with a finite number of your existing clients and partners. Email allows links to websites, videos, articles, white papers and other forms of content that will help you differentiate your business.

Emails can easily be forwarded. They stay in recipients’ inboxes so they can refer back to the messages. And email leverages and enhances an asset you already have – your contacts database.

Email can be read, viewed and digested at the convenience of the recipient – say 11:30 pm, at the hotel the night before the big meeting or in between flights at the airport.

Finally, dashboard reports allow you to track your results, so you can do more of what works best.

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